Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Woohoo!, I've been tagged!
The very lovely, Sarah has tagged me.
I have to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and then pass this award along to 5 other bloggers I here goes....

1. My kids (This is a no
2. Scrapping!
3. Cleaning my house (ok not cleaning it but having it clean!)
4. My husband (I am a lucky wife)
5. Laughing with good friends
6. Sunny days (I don't like the cold weather)
7. Visiting new places
8. Good coffee (love my coffee)
9. Chocolate
10. Music

Bits about me:
1. I am a huge ABBA fan (Sarah and I could do karaoke one
2. I hate shopping. I would buy everything online if I could
3. I am extremely claustrophobic
4. I would love to bungy jump one day
5. I HATE spiders!

So now I have to tag 5 people, so.....:

1. Ann-Marie. An extremely talented digi scrapper and a beautiful person to know.
2. A very kind and generous lady by the name of Amanda!
3. The very talented and lovely Lexie.
4. Lady Grace. A gorgeous person with a huge talent.
5. And last but not least, Sarah Lou. She has the ability to make me laugh every single time I visit her blog. Gotta love that!

Whew! It was hard work choosing just 5 people.
I have linked everyone's name so stop by their blog and say hello. All these lovely bloggers are super friendly, super talented and I am very glad I have had the chance to know each of them. :)


Angie Bailey said...

Congrats on being selected Tracey and its nice to know a little more about you.

Thanks for Sharing;)

Hugs Angie xo

LG said...

MWAH!!!! Thanks for the tag hun!

amanda73 said...

thanks for the tag tracey, sorry ive been slack at getting over here to thank you, but thanks heaps