Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well Worth The Wait!

Well my gorgeous sister Jenna and very spunky nephew Cordell finally made it here.
I managed to drive all on my own to the airport, I found a carpark, the plane wasn't late and apparantly Cordell behaved like a perfect little gentleman on the flight. I got hugs and kisses straight away. Perfect!

and then......

They "lost" Cordell's car seat and pram! Tell me please, how do you misplace something that size? To cut a long, pathetic story short, the pram and the car seat were still in Darwin.

Ok problem! I am about to venture out into very unpredictable Sydney traffic, coming into peak hour, carrying very precious cargo and no car seat!

They find a 'loaner' for us that frankly, I am pretty sure is not even legal anymore and eventually we do make it home and yes we did catch the peak traffic (because we were at the airport an hour longer than we should have been)!

But they are here and I have already taken heaps of photos, bathed him, changed him, rocked him to sleep, carried him around the shops (note we still did not have a pram. That and the car seat were eventually couriered to us this afternoon), cuddled and kissed him more than I thought was humanly possible. He is sooo gorgeous and a very, very good baby.

My sister and I sat up until about 1.30 in the morning just chatting away about everything! I have given her a tour of TBSS and given her all the layouts I have done for her album. She has been on TBSS and read the posts welcoming her and insisted she had to answer!

Anyway that's the story so far! Back soon with more I'm sure....

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Kirsti9168 said...

Oh no!!! Talk about stress for you both! Glad that they managed to courier Jenna's gear to you so quickly.

Make sure you two have an absolute blast together. I'm soooo excited for you.

luv and hugs mwah mwah