Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok I have a little bit of housework to take care of in here today!.....LOL

First up is this lovely award from Nat at Nat's Creative Chaos.
Thank you sweet thing. Your comments are always positive and your blog is so inspirational.

I have passed this award around before so rather than me doubling up I will skip straight to the next one!.....LOL

This morning I received this gorgeous award from Kellie on her new web address. Make sure you go check it out! Thank you Kellie.

In no particular order these are the 10 blogs that I would like to nominate for this award. All gorgeous places to visit!


Off for now and I will check in a bit


Julie said...

Thankyou darlin for the award, its appreciated very much! hugsssss
Also, I do love how your page is going, and that title is very pretty!
Ok, off to work on mine before I get distracted again LOL
lots a love, Me

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracey!!! I'm stoked to be getting another award! Oh gosh... now I have to choose 10 blogs too LOL Lu the new look of your blog :o)

Luv Kirsti xoxo

The Blog Hoppers said...

Congratulations Tracy, you have been awarded with this weeks BLOG OF THE WEEK AWARD from *On The Hop*
please come on over and have a looksie, grab your code and add your award to your blog
congrats again
xx the blog hoppers xx

Mandy said...

ah...thanks tracey...don't know if i have ten more to give it appreed though...xxxciat.great