Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well today is a sad today but an exciting one as well!
Today marks the last day for TBSS. But in it's place is going to be one heck of a kick ass site!
I can't wait to show you all how fab the new site is going to be.

So stay tuned, say a few parting words for TBSS and
get ready for some HUGE stuff!

I have another sneak peek of upcoming DT stuff for you today.
I must be feeling very generous....LOL

Watch this space for updates on the new site!


rachel said...

You are a generous girl Tracey I luv the sneak peeks, cant wait to see it all... Thanks for the photo challenge it was fun boy you never know what you will find amoungst all those pic's we have... mine wasnt bad either thank goodness..

Ann-Marie said...

hey beautiful girl! thx for your comment on my blog - so glad to see I haven't been forgotten in my absense. Can't wait till the kids go to school on Monday to have a look around RSS - looks fab-o!! Your 6th pic is too cute .. thankfully mine wasn't embarrassing!! I LOVE the plate you altered too - you clever, clever chook!! Take care chicky!