Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG.......I have some amazing news that I am busting to share but unfortunately I need to hang on to that just a little longer......LOL
But I promise the second I am allowed to share, I will!

In the meantime I have a LO to share that I did for a little bit of fun.
My DS (15) found an old video tape that had broken and pulled all the tape out.
The 3 kids then had ages of fun wrapping themselves up in it and dragging it around the room....LOL.
The minute I took them photo's I knew I had to use this title!
(and of course spent the rest of the day singing it.....LOL)

Hope everybody has an awesome day!


Kellie said...

As always Tracy your LO is gorgeous. You have a style that just makes me go WOW, every time I see one of your creations!

I can't WAIT to hear your news, no like really I can't can you tell me?! HAHA kidding....I'll sit on the edge of my seat till then, hope it's not too long. xxx

Kathie said...

oh man I just hate having to keep a secret!!! Love the LO Tracey! is gorgouessssssssssss! Oh and congratulations on what ever your news is!!

Ann-Marie said...

Love ur page and so can't wait to hear your good news ... can we throw a big bash?? tequila all round??!! LOL!!!

Kathie said...

Hi Tracey
There is a little something for you on my blog