Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots Of News & A Project

I was thrilled to make it through to the second round of the "Embellish This" Challenge Competition at Scrap 'N' Craft with T.
Then I fell into the dreaded procrastination hole!

I changed my mind three times before I decided what I was doing for t
he second challenge and it took a bit of rummaging in the kids craft box to get the light bulb idea!
The details of the second challenge were:

  • Create an embellishment to be used to decorate the outside of your gift wrapping, using the colours red, white and green and also using some wire.
  • It is preferable to have it attached to your gift wrapping, whether that be a gift box or gift bag, or alternatively it can be attached to your layout or card.
  • The embellishment will be judged only... not the wrapping/layout or card.
I found a polystyrene cone shape in the kids craft box and decided it would make a great xmas tree. I die cut some hearts using Spellbinders Nestabilities and turned them upside down to create the branches of my tree. I gave them a quick lick of Kindy Glitz and attached them to the cone. On the top of the tree I used some holly leaves and berries and topped it off with a gorgeous star charm from my2angels (thanks Tracy) attached with wire. I coiled some wire and attached beads to the end and placed these randomly on the tree. Then the whole tree rests on some more holly leaves and fibre base. All of this is attached to the lid of the box with one piece of wire through the bottom of the tree that can easily be removed if I wanted to use the tree as a decoration.

Products Used: Bazzill : Spellbinders - Nestabalities Classic Hearts : My2Angels Star Charm : Kindy Glitz : Craft Holly Leaves & Berries : Jewellery Wire : Beads : Rhinestones : Fibre : Silver Craft Wings : Silver Craft Ribbon : White Gift Box

Now onto other news.
Yesterday afternoon I got my subscription copy of Scrapbooking Memories Vol. 11. No. 10.
(Thank you again for the beautiful gift by the way. You know who you are!)
How excited was I to see 3 of my creations in this issue!
Plus if you check out the back page where the Sneak Peeks are you will see another creation of mine coming up in the next issue.
One of these publications features my gorgeous grandson Chay for the first time so needless to say I will be putting a copy away for him to

Last but not least, my test results.
The good news is my Breast ultrasound showed the lump was nothing sinister.
Using my Doctor's words, I have "naturally lumpy breast tissue", so it means I have to be very aware of what is normal for me and do very regular checks.
The pap smear results not quite so encouraging.
All 3 showed consistently abnormal cells but they have not got worse so my Doctor wants to give me another round of tests in 6 months.
Not "ideal" news but I get 6 months to push it to the back of my mind and concentrate on other stuff.
I can live with that :)

Thank you for all the continued support & best wishes. Your kind words and positive thoughts mean a lot to me.

So that's another huge post. Hope you made it all the way


CreativeMe68 said...

WOW Tracey Love the look of your creation!!! Good luck with the competition!!! Congrats on the publications of your LO's!!

And good news on the medical front, pleased to hear that I am not the only one with naturally lumpy breast tissue! I hope the next test goes well for the adnormal cells! Thinking of you during this tough time on your mind body and soul! It is just a timely reminder to tell your friends to get themselves checked regularly!!! Thanks for sharing your personal story with us all! Luv Shaz xoxo

amanda73 said...

love that xmas tree decoration, . i want one............ and way to go on the publications, cant wait to see chay in there............. and thats awesome on the medical front, glad to hear this post was all good news

Marisa said...

wow Tracey that xmas tree decoration is fantastic, what a fantastic idea you come up with, good luck with the comp! Gosh 3 in one issue, way to go...congrats! So glad to hear that the nerve racking medical problems are sorting them self out, I will pray and keep my fingers crossed that the next lot of test all work out for you as well. Take care, {{{hugs}}} coming your way sweet lady!!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly YAH so glad to hear that your tests are okey dokey and as for the abnormal cells - well we all have some abnormallity about us (some more than others - meaning me LOL!)
Secondly, how cool is your tree love the idea and no wonder you go through to the 2nd round WTG (love what you did with my star xx)
and thirdly, procrastination HATE IT - its my middle name (: LOL

Ann-Marie said...

WOW that decoration is AWESOME girl!! You are such a talented chicky, hence all those publications ... cannot wait to see when my copy arrives in the mail. I am so glad that the results were okay. Keep Smiling chicky babe!! xoxox

Pauly said...

Awesome work and awesome news, sounds like you have the same "lumpy boobs" as me.Have had two mammograms before I was 40 and I got the same docs description as you!! The other test will be fine too...6 months of postive thoughts!!!Keep up the great work and good luck with Round 2!!

angelwhispers Chanelle said...

Congratulations on getting to the 2nd round your entry looks fab!! Good news with your test results will keep everything crossed for your next visit xx Plenty of crafting is called for xx

Mandy said...

lol...hands up who has lumpy boobs...its hard to get to know them i tell you....but great to hear...and thats good about the other too...if they were so worried you would be having more tests pronto....cute little deco too...and woohoo with your pubbies....can't wait to see them in mag...i have one in therfe and I was happy with that...but three and a bit...well done girl!!!take

Kim said...

HI and thats wonderful news about the tests done now and ill bethinking positively about your ones due in 6 months.
I have left you an award on my blog

Sarah said...

Glad to hear the news on the health front is looking up! Big hugs to you for that! Fab tree! Love it! I think it would make a great scrappy class! Thanks for sharing! Take care, Sarah