Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All The Big News!

This is going to be a pretty long post so I hope you brought a cuppa with you!

The last couple of months have been crazy for me and anyone who really "knows" me will also know that my family is MY WORLD. There is nothing more important to me than my kids, my husband and of course my Grandson. I feel blessed and extremely lucky to have them. When any of them hurt, I hurt, when any of them struggle, I want to give them a hand, when any of them are sad, I cry for them. But man oh man when they smile and they are happy, my whole world is sunshine and chirping

We have a pretty busy household with the three kids and we love it like that.

Our house is about to get
even busier though as my son Nick, his partner Rachel and my gorgeous Grandson Chay are coming to live with us here. They will probably have to stay with us for some time so we are in overdrive at the moment re-organising the house to fit everyone in. It will be a squeeze with 4 adults, 2 kids, 1 teenager and 1 baby but I just know there will be a heap of fun and laughs as well.

Now if that's not enough there is going to be an extra little bundle joining our big, crazy, happy family as well. Nick & Rachel are expecting again and although we are not sure of a due date yet it looks like their babies are only going to
be about 12 months apart. They really need all the love and support we can offer them at the moment and my husband Brett and I are looking forward to giving that to them and having the opportunity to have a closer relationship with our beautiful Grandchildren. I can't wait for the hectic life this is going to bring because although it is not going to be easy at times, we see it as a whole lot more love to go round. BRING IT ON!

Now onto more serious stuff.
I have had a few health issues lately and I had no intentions of sharing these struggles but I realised today that ignoring stuff is a BIG problem. It's important and it it matters, not just to me but to all of you as well.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I am going to take my recent experiences and turn it into a plea to all the women who may read this.
Please make sure you all do your self breast exams and if you are hopeless at it like I am, get your GP or a nurse to do one for you. I recently have discovered a lump and although my Doctor is feeling very confident it will be nothing I am still getting a ultrasound to be sure. I am staying with positive thoughts and I am sure it will come out ok but you have to be sure.

I have also had the discomfort of having 3 Pap Smears in 6 months as I have abnormal cells. Again I am feeling confident that all will be ok but this is my chance to encourage all of you to make sure you have your regular tests. I was always pretty good about this and although I have had to suffer through 3 tests in quick succession I am being PRO-ACTIVE. It feels so much better to be doing something about it and not sitting on my hands, biting my nails or turning my head and ignoring it.
Just Go Do It!

If you have been putting yours of
f please make an appointment.

I will let you all know the results of my latest tests.

Today was such a turning point for me.

I learnt to speak up and speak out.
I learnt that the best friends are the ones that stay by your side even when they know nothing!

I learnt that the sound of my kids laughing and hugs really do make everything better.
I learnt that it doesn't matter how much you give, so long as one moment or one person makes it all worthwhile.
I learnt that on every cloudy day, the sun is shining somewhere.
I learnt that I still have a lot to

So that's probably all my bravery used up for a while but if just 1 of you go and have a test done that you have been putting off then I can live with that!


CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh Tracey...I am crying with this emotional plea...Here's to all the tests coming back NEGATIVE!!!! Wishing you all the best with all your tests and I hope and I pray that you are going to be ok.
To every woman reading this...
NO matter your age do your own self breast examinations and have your pap smears every 2 yrs to protect yourselves from this nasty disease.
As Tracey said be PRO-ACTIVE and Just Go Do It.

You will have so many wonderful times with your family coming to live with you, ohhh and the new baby coming!! I am sure we will see plenty more beautiful photos and LO's from you once things have settled down.

Good Luck with everything Luv Shaz xoxo

amanda73 said...

thats going to be awesome having your son, his partner and chay move in with you......... lots of i presume will be had in your house. im so sorry to hear of your health problems and hoping everything turns out fine in that regard, take care

Marisa said...

Oh Tracey my thoughts and prays are with you, sending you {{{hugs}}}, I will keep everything crossed that all is ok, great that you are very positive about it all and not letting it get you down...
Now on a brighter side, fantastic new that you are going to have all your family living with you and a new grand child on the way, boy that is terrific news :)
I bet your household will be very hectic for a while until everyone get settled...take care!

Ann-Marie said...

ahh all teary here! All I am ginna say is MWAH ((HUGS)) and I WILL get the bloody thing done ... promise!!! xoxoxoxo U GO GIRL !!!

Kellie Winnell said...

Tracey, your post was the most inspiring I have read in a while. Your love for your family has just shone through. You are truly an amazing person and staying positive is the best way to be, life is to short to doubt. I truly wish you all the best and your in my positive thoughts.


Kathie said...

Oh wow Tracey you are gonna be run off yer feet hun!!! Congratlations on the announcement of a new grandbaby on the way!! Our 6th has just arrived this morning....YAY.....Glad to hear that you have picked yourself up, its not easy sometimes at all!! Have a grand week you brave bear you!!!
Love and hugs to you all

my2angels said...

Oh I am sooooo excited for you with the new arrival of another grandchild. I know how excited and bless you are with gorgeous Chay in your life. What a fun, loud, happy and exciting (with a dash of craziness) your place is going to be with your family moving in with you.
We all have an angel always beside us watching and taking care of us and I know they will be looking after you while you going through this emotional time with your health. I wish you all the best with your results
Take care ... thinking of you

vicmbee said...

Thanks for sharing Tracey a lot braver than me I hide all... Hope all goes well with your tests and health issues.. How exciting having your family and grandbabies so close and another on the way.. something for you to look forward too.

♥Liz Weber♥ said...

{{hugs}} Tracey, thanks for sharing that about yourself, it will surely help make the rest of us realise how important it is to look after ourselves.

Good Luck with the huge family adjustment, it will be so worth it for all of you, how exciting to have the family that close together and enjoy each other.

Kim said...

TRacey my thoughts and prays go out to you I know things will be ok, thanks for being so brave and oppen. I wish you and your family well a life full of love and laughter

Mandy said...

Haven't popped in for a while, but what a day to stop by...First, huge congrats to you family with a new baby coming....thats so exciting, secondly, I am thinking of you with all your tests, you are doin the right thing and even if there is something happening you have done it early and it can be fixed...I have been there before and it is very stressful, but you are a strong person and you can do it!!!!!and'lll be busier than my you gotta love that, and just in time for gotta love that even more...hee hee hee...
Take care you!!!!

Sarah said...

Dearest Tracey,
It was good of you to share. Thank you for letting others in. I will think of you everyday and hope that you get the answers you want. I hope the wave of well wishes and positive thoughts from so many people give you the support you need. May you always have enough of anything you need! Hugs, Sarah

Kath Parker said...

Tracey my thoughts and prayers are with you but I am sure everything is going to be ok stay positive.Congrats on the new bubba and I'm sure everything will be ok once everyone is settled.Make sure u yell if u need anything at all

janine said...

Oh sweetie i dont know where to start but wow a huge congrats on everyone coming HOME you have such a big heart and i know you will make it work congrats on the little bub too so excited for you
and as for the other scarey stuff you are so brave and you never complain about anything you are so inspiring and hope it inspires others to take the leap and get tested ..Keep your chin up Love to you and your gorgeous family Chat soon Janine xoxox

Shell Turner said...

Hi Tracey,

You warned that we need a cuppa but you forgot to mention the tissues!!

I'm at work, my mascara is running and I'm so overwhelmed with emotion that I just wanna give you a big hug!!

In regard to you family coming to's your own personal packed to the rafters! What an awesome opportunity. Having all your kids and grand-babies with you every day is priceless!

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Shell xx

p.s. thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, mwah!