Sunday, August 31, 2008

August CyberCrop @ TBSS

Oh what a blast we had Friday night for the August CyberCrop at TBSS. There was heaps of games including some new ones and some awesome challenges put out by the DT girls.

To make it even more interesting, us DT girls took over the CyberCrop and arranged everything without Shell's knowledge. She got the chance to have a weekend off and able to play some of the games and take on some of the challenges.

The funniest game is the Baby Photo game! We posted up 7 baby photos and asked everyone to guess which photo belonged to the 6 team members of TBSS. Yep you counted right! There is an extra photo thrown in that belongs to what we are calling "The Google Baby".
I will post some of the challenges after the weekend!!!
Ok off to start another cc challenge...LOL

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