Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well, my time in Perth has almost come to an end and I'll be back in Sydney tomorrow night!
I feel extremely honoured and lucky to have had this time with my first Grandson. To be there for his birth and see that perfect little soul come into this world was just pure magic.

I owe more than just thanks to Nat and her gorgeous kids for sharing their home with me. Nat has been incredibly brilliant, running me around all over the place and being such a good friend during my time here. We have had plenty of laughs along the way as well......LOL

I am in a hurry to be back home with the rest of my family and yet it is a little sad to be leaving my son and his gorgeous new son here as well.

I'll leave you with pic of a special moment I was sharing with my Grandson Chay the other night. He is just too precious for words.

Will catch you all very


Kathie said...

Hello Tracey and a big congratulations on your beautiful new grandson!! they are just so precious! Thanks for sharing photos with me!! Thanks for dropping by the blog!
Love Kathie

CreativeMe68 said...

Congrats Grandma Tracey with your beautiful lil grandson Chay!! What a truly beautiful moment to be a part of Luv Shaz xoxo