Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Book Of Me

At TBSS I am taking part in a Book Of Me. Hopefully this will be a legacy to my kids and so far I have found it quite theraputic myself. It's amazing how you can laugh, groan, cry and scream at something in the space of a couple of hours (or less).

This layout was for B.O.M. Layout #4 - Friends

The journaling reads:

I know it probably sounds strange to a lot
of people, but when I was younger, I moved
school a lot of times and we moved house
frequently. I never had a 'best friend' for
long. I spent most of my time playing with
my brother. Building cubby houses, riding
our bikes, exploring.
When I needed a friend my Poppy was there.
Always knowing when to make a joke, or
take me seriously. We would go fishing or
ferreting. He would take me to check on
his bees, show me how the honey was made or
let me help him in his veggie garden.
He would tell me stories that I always believed
and gave me a hug when I needed it most.
As I grew older he had the best advice, taught
me all the right morals and respected
my opinion as well. He knew how to do
everything and I loved to watch him make
stuff. He never dobbed on me and he knew
how to keep a secret.
He was my buddy, my pal, my Poppy and
I miss him with all my heart.
oooo Hugs until next time oooo

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