Friday, June 26, 2009

Want To Win A Present For My Birthday????

Well I have just noticed that I have 37 followers. That is so exciting!
But I was wondering how how nice it would be if I could get 39 Followers for my 39th Birthday.
So if I can get 39 Followers by the 4th of July, I thought I would have a birthday party with you all. The difference will be that one of you guys could get the presents!!!!
If I have 39 Followers by midnight (AEST) on the 3rd of July I will have an extra special present for someone.
Just make sure you check back here on my birthday and I will show you what I have planned.................


Heather said...

I bumped you up to 38!

Frances said...

What a fun idea!

kanton68 said...

Hi Tracey!
Already you've passed your target - what a great present for yourself! I've only recently "found" scrap bloggers and I LOVE blog hopping. Your blog & entry on June 26 caught my eye for 2 reasons. 1/ I wanted to help you reach your 39 followers - a RAK from me to you and 2/ Your birthdate is the same as mine!! So, I'll think of you next Saturday and wish you a fantastic day! Cheers to you, Karen

Kathie said...

He he he he 39??? Or is that 21?? Oh tracey you always have great ideas!@!! I did try to sign up, but it appears that I am already a member!!!!
Love you latest LO